'Treason' Complaint Lodged Against Hamid Mir In Gujranwala

'Treason' Complaint Lodged Against Hamid Mir In Gujranwala
A complaint has been lodged with the Gujranwala police seeking a treason case against senior journalist Hamid Mir. The complainant works at a publication called 'Daily Makhlooq' as sub-editor.

Hamid Mir commented on the development with a tongue in cheek response and said he was sure that the petitioner's organisation 'Daily Makhlooq' is not related to 'Khalaai Makhlooq'.


Reports emerged on Monday morning that Hamid Mir has been taken off air by Geo News. The news came days after he addressed a protest against the attack on journalist Asad Toor and violence against dissenting journalists. Mir's speech in which he criticised the establishment had gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, top journalists and anchors of the country have condemned Geo News's decision to take Hamid Mir off air.