'All Deals Off As Durrani Fails To Deliver'

'The establishment has given a clear message to PTI that dual policies will not work'

'All Deals Off As Durrani Fails To Deliver'

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders Ali Muhammad Khan and Muhammad Ali Durrani have emerged in recent times as proponents of reconciliation on the part of the PTI, who are seen talking about reconciliation with the establishment and describing its possible forms. However, their action is in clear contrast with the behavior of PTI itself, in which the party is continuously accusing the military leadership of ousting the party chief, Imran Khan.

In his article, senior journalist Muzamal Suharwardy wrote that on one side, Muhammad Ali Durrani, Ali Muhammad Khan, Asad Qaiser, and Barrister Saif are making efforts for reconciliation. Whereas, on the other hand, pro-PTI voices are still spewing anti-establishment venom on social media, which not only denies the reports of reconciliation coming from the party but also highlights the double policy within the party.

On one hand, Imran Khan also confirmed Asad Qaiser's meeting with Muhammad Ali Darni. The meeting was also broadcast from PTI's Twitter handle. On the other hand, PTI supporters are constantly attacking the establishment on social media, he wrote.

He wrote, “It's a situation where swearing and friendship songs are being tried together.” On the one hand, PTI is talking about efforts to restore ties with the army, and on the other hand, PTI's former finance minister, Shehzad Akbar, wrote an article on the UK-based website “Declassified UK” on September 27, 2023, in which he claimed that England has remained silent on their imprisonment and of PTI leaders and supporters but supports Pakistani generals.

With talks of reconciliation on the one hand and party loyalists spreading rumors on social media and making accusations against the army on the other hand, all reconciliation efforts are now failing.

However, this narrative of reconciliation seems to be an attempt to keep the ticket holders of the party attracted and tied to the party so that the people of the party can hope to win the elections and get financial support for the elections.

It has been seen that for political gains, PTI has adopted the tone of reconciliation instead of resistance.

He wrote that the establishment has given a clear message that dual policies cannot work. That is why the sources are saying that now the doors of reconciliation have been closed again.