Patari Under Fire For Promoting Alleged Wife-Beater Mohsin Abbas

Patari Under Fire For Promoting Alleged Wife-Beater Mohsin Abbas
Music streaming service Patari has come under fire on social media following its announcement of the release of actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s song on its portal.

Mohsin Abbas is currently facing charges under Section 406 (criminal breach of trust) and Section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Pakistan Penal Code. In July, the actor’s wife had made allegations of domestic abuse and adultery against him. Following the allegations, Dunya TV had fired him from the show Mazaaq Raat.

People have not taken well to Patari’s act of promoting and supporting someone who has charges of domestic abuse against him and was alleged to have beaten his pregnant wife. Many took to Twitter to express outrage over the fact that Patari was glorifying the actor and releasing his song.

A user on Twitter stated that this ‘versatile actor’ was a wife beater and an abuser. She deplored Patari for promoting a criminal and added that this was not surprising as Patari had a history of promoting a criminal.

In December 2018, Patari’s CEO Khalid Bajwa had resigned after various women had made allegations of sexual harassment.

Another user pointed out that a known wife-beater and abuser was being supported by an organisation that was itself led by a harasser.

People asked how long would abusers be forgiven and promoted and that for them, both Mohsin Haider and Patari both stood ‘cancelled’.

Journalist Farhan Janjua stated that a time when White Ribbon Week, to say not to violence against women was being commemorated, Patari was relaunching a domestic violence accused.

Another user pointed out that the actor was ‘versatile’ in various kinds of abuse.

Activist Usama Khilji stated that it was shameful of Patari to support and promote somebody who had physically assaulted his wife without any shame. He called the company to stop promoting wife-beaters and domestic abusers.

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