PM Imran Admits Nation Suffered Due To Govt's 'Tough' Economic Decisions

PM Imran Admits Nation Suffered Due To Govt's 'Tough' Economic Decisions
Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday invited the opposition to discuss electoral reforms in the National Assembly. Opposition leaders were not present as the prime minister began his speech in the National Assembly.

He said that the government's economic team managed to handle the crisis in a short span of time despite not having prior experience in maintaining economy of a country. He admitted that the public faced difficulties due to the 'tough' decisions that the government made.

He said that even Turkish PM Erdogan faced difficulties for the first two years after his election. "I thank Saudi Arabia, China and Malaysia who prevented us from defaulting," the PM said.

He added that the government tried not to go to the IMF because its conditions were strict, but found no other option, and the tough conditions created problems for the public. "Then came the Covid pandemic," he said, adding that it worsened the crisis.

The prime minister lauded NCOC, Asad Umar and Faisal Sultan for their work towards handling the Covid pandemic in the country. "I am thankful to God for saving us [from the disaster of the pandemic]. Imran Khan reiterated that his decision not to impose a full lockdown was a step in the right direction.

He added that the government was critcised for not placing a full fledged lockdown, but the decision proved to be right.