DG ISPR Criticises ‘Incompetent Indian Media’ In Light Of ‘Foolish And Fake’ News

DG ISPR Criticises ‘Incompetent Indian Media’ In Light Of ‘Foolish And Fake’ News
The Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor in a tweet has termed Indian media incompetent and rejected its claims about an imminent attack on Indian ports by Pakistani-trained commandos.

In the tweet, Asif Ghafoor called the news ‘foolish and fake’, and said that such statements from Indian media reflect their incompetence.

The DG ISPR also said that the allegations made by the Indian media were an attempt by them to reply to the ‘professional and credible Pakistani media and ISPR’. He was also of the view that such stories reflect not only the incompetence of the Indian media, but also their implausibility.


Tensions between the South Asian arch-rivals have been high since India’s revocation of Article 370 in Kashmir, taking away the special status of the occupied territory.

India has brutally suppressed the protests originating as a result of its revocation of Article 370. Pakistan has vehemently protested the move and the way India has dealt with its protests.

Amidst the tensions, two days back Pakistan carried out a night launch of Ghaznavi, a ballistic missile capable of delivering multiple warheads over a distance of 290 kilometres.

Indian media has a history of spreading false news. In February, when Pakistani fighter jets shot down two Indian jets, Indian media had claimed that an F16 fighter jet of the Pakistani Air Force had been shot down, a claim refuted not only by Islamabad, but also by international media.

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