55 Arrested In Peshawar As Police Investigate Madrassa Blast

55 people were arrested in Yakatoot area of Peshawar by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police on Wednesday over their suspected involvement in the Jamia Zuberia blast that killed 8 people and injured more than 110.

The Rapid Response Force, Ladies Police and Bomb Disposal Unit launched a crackdown on Wednesday in Dir Colony.

The statement issued by the police said that a special investigation team will investigate the suspects. The statement also added that the police have finalised the security plan for 12th of Rabi ul Awwal. The security in the city has been on high alert since the seminary blast.

Meanwhile, Jamat-e-Islami (JI) chief Siraj Ul Haq visited the seminary and met Sheikh Rahimuddun Haqqani. He offered his condolences and said that October 27th is the blackest day in the history of Islamic Republic of Pakistan as an Islamic centre was targeted by terrorists . He added that the Intelligence agencies issued a threat alert, but the government ignored that which consequently resulted in the horrific incident.

He also criticised government representatives for "not even bothering to offer condolences”. The JI chief said that the incident was not different from the Army Public School attack in which more than 140 children were killed.

“How do they succeed in attacking people’s homes despite the presence of intelligence agencies and security," he asked.