Dubai Ruler's Wife Princess Haya Leaves Husband To Start A New Life

Dubai Ruler's Wife Princess Haya Leaves Husband To Start A New Life
The wife of Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Rashid Al Makhtoum, has left him to start a new life. Princess Haya has been reported to have left for Europe with close to 31 million pounds.

Last year one of Makhtoum's daughters did the same and she hasn't returned since then. According to European media, the princess is currently seeking asylum in Europe which might result in constrained relations between UAE and the country the Princess wishes to stay in.

As per the latest reports, the princess is in Germany and Makhtoum has requested German authorities to send her back to the UAE. According to the Evening Standard, Human Rights Watchdog CEO, Radha Stirling, said,

"We already know that Princess Latifa, Sheikh Mohammed’s daughter, fled the UAE seeking asylum and alleging unspeakable abuse at the hands of her father.

"Now, it seems, Princess Haya, Sheikh Mohammed’s wife, has also fled the country and sought refuge in Germany."

According to the Daily, Beast, the Princess has fled the country along with her son Zayed, 7, and daughter Al Jalila, 11.

Last year, Princess Latifa appeared in a Youtube video explaining her reasons for the escape.

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