War And Peace: 'Liberal' Indian Journalists Take 180 Degree Turn After Pakistan Retaliates

War And Peace: 'Liberal' Indian Journalists Take 180 Degree Turn After Pakistan Retaliates
Tuesday’s attack by Indian Air Force had people from both the neighbouring countries talking. The jets intruded into the Pakistani airspace, but upon retaliation from the Pakistan Air Force, escaped while dropping 1000kg payload in Balakot region in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Indian media and celebrities have since been celebrating the ‘victory’ because apparently, Indian jets hit ‘terrorist hideouts’ and killed ‘350’ members of the Jaish-e-Muhammad. The only thing they killed, however, was a poor crow and a few trees. Believe us not? Watch this video.


Top Indian journalists including Barkha Dutt, Bhupendra Chaubey and celebrities including Ajay Devgan, Adnan Sami, Akshay Kumar and many others congratulated the IAF for their ‘huge victory’, but now it seems that most have gone silent, or have had shift in stance.

And they are being called out for it by the Twitter users.

After the Indian intrusion, journalist Bhupendra Chaubey said “irrespective of Pakistani denials , fact is it’s going to change the complete security scenario in this region. Reports coming in of huge damage inflicted by our teams. #IndiaHitsBack”

Later, he backtracked and called for ‘sanity’ to be shown by ‘all sides’ in such circumstances and he was trolled by a fellow Indian.

Reacting to the Indian intrusion, journalist Barkha Dutt accused Pakistan of backing terror groups, endorsed the attack on Pakistan's soil and then went on to say that she was not 'warmongering' and 'it was justice'.

Later, however, she realized the 'human cost of conflict' after Indian pilot Abhinandan was captured by Pakistani forces.

And here was a little reality check.

Journalist Shekhar Gupta said Indian intrusion was not 'revenge' but 'deterrence'.

And later when Pakistan retaliated.


Sagarika Ghose was no different.

But, of course, war cannot possibly be celebrated right?

Earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated Pakistan’s stance for peace and stability in the region saying that the ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India must be resolved with talks.

“I had said it before and I will say it now, we need to resolve the crisis via talks. If war escalates, neither myself nor Narendra Modi would be able to control it. It is easier to initiate wars, but what happens next can never be predicted,” he said while addressing the nation in the wake of the Balakot attack.


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