Who's Afraid Of A Kissing Couple?

Who's Afraid Of A Kissing Couple?
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)'s act of initiating an 'investigation' against private airline AirBlue for not doing enough to stop a couple from kissing on a local flight has been met with the sneering contempt it deserved. It is absurd that the CAA would launch a probe into this utter non-issue.

It is quite telling that a case of domestic abuse has never received this level of uproar. Pakistan's moral police that are quick to condemn any and all expressions of affection do not usually bat an eye when they see a woman being beaten or harassed. Violence against women, even when committed in public, is termed the family's 'private affair' and hence overlooked. Public display of affection, on the other hand, is almost considered a crime in Pakistan.

Lahore College University (LCU) recently expelled two students over a public proposal. In what appeared like a move-like scene, the girl proposed to the boy by presenting a bouquet of flowers to him in the presence of their friends. In any civilised society, this would have been considered a refreshing and heartwarming moment. In Pakistan, however, narrow-minded individuals cannot handle people receiving or displaying affection. It says a lot about the mindset of a society when murderers, terrorists and lynch mobs are cheered on, but people trying to have some fun while going about their lives are seen as a danger.

If anything, such unwarranted objection to display of affection reflects the critics' own perverted mind.

There is however a silver lining to this incident: an air hostess who paid no heed to the complaints and instead gave a blanket to the couple. Further, the couple reportedly told the passengers not to tell them what to do -- which is also rare for a society where loug kya kahein ge (What would people say?) is everyone's motto.