Laal Band’s Facebook Page Disappears Amid Censorship Concerns

Laal Band’s Facebook Page Disappears Amid Censorship Concerns
Laal, a musical band from Pakistan known for its socialist and progressive songs, suffered a blow when its Facebook page with more than 1.2 million followers was taken off the web.

Dr Taimur Rehman, who is the spokesperson for Laal, took to Twitter expressing his concerns regarding the said Facebook page amid censorship.

"Dear all, my Facebook account has been hacked and my Laal page with 1.2 million members has been deleted. I can not access my FB anymore. This is in retaliation to the Mehngai Mukao March that we have been leading for the last week. Anything I post on my FB is not from me," Rehman added on Twitter.

As per Rehman's stance, the said Facebook action might be in retaliation to Mehngai Mukao March, which Rehman was leading across Pakistan lately.

Rehman is an assistant professor of Political Science at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and also the general secretary for Mazdoor Kisan Party. As per Rehman's twitter, the party's Facebook page is of the web as well.

While talking to Naya Daur, Rehman confirmed that both Laal and Mazdoor Kissan Party Facebook pages are down.

"Laal page has been very critical of the present government. Especially if it’s economic policy. Mehngai Mukao March was part of that criticism. The march was blocked by heavy police presence in Lahore. Hence our suspicion falls on those whom the march and the page were opposing," Rehman added.

While commenting on the prevailing censorship, Rehman said, "The censorship of mainstream media, as well as specific bloggers on social media, is now well documented. Hence, our suspicion is that we are also being targeted much like other critical voices."

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