1 Killed In Police Action Against Pro-Freedom Protesters In Muzaffarabad

1 Killed In Police Action Against Pro-Freedom Protesters In Muzaffarabad

One person has been killed and several others have been injured in a clash between pro-freedom protesters and police in Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s capital of Muzaffarabad on Tuesday.

Nationalist groups in Kashmir are currently protesting for the establishment of a ‘representative constituent assembly’ in Azad Jammu And Kashmir.

The protests are being led by an alliance of pro-freedom groups called the Jammu And Kashmir Pakistan National Alliance, which was formed after India’s revocation of Article 370 of its constitution on August 5.

In the first protests after its formation, the alliance protested for an end to the Indian lockdown of Jammu and Kashmir, and called for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Kashmir and reunification of both parts of Kashmir.

Most importantly, the groups stresses upon Kashmiris’ right to self-determination and complete independence of the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir from both India and Pakistan.

In its most recent protest, beginning on October 22, the PNA announced a march to the Azad Jammu And Kashmir Legislative Assembly for the establishment of an ‘interim representative constituent assembly’ in AJK.

According to videos posted on social media, the government has attempted to brutally suppress the protests through baton charges, use of tear gas and aerial firing. In a video posted on social media by academic and activist Dr Taimur Rehman, he could be seen with protesters amid what he said was tear gas smoke.


Academic Ammar Ali Jan also took to Twitter to express concern over police action in AJK and asked why the state was suppressing Kashmiris when it claimed to be the disputed region’s global ambassadors.


People also pointed out that the action of authorities in AJK was not being reported in the mainstream media.


An independent journalist shared a video showing protesters fleeing charging officers of the police. Police could also be seen throwing stones on protesters.


In another video shared by the same journalist, he claimed that police could be seen attacking Muzaffarabad Central Press Club to arrest PNA leaders.


A journalist associated with BBC Urdu said that you could hear firing and shelling in Muzaffarabad, adding that nobody was investigating what was going on and the media was silent.


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