UK Govt Suspends License Of Pakistani Doctor For Terming Coronavirus ‘Conspiracy’

UK Govt Suspends License Of Pakistani Doctor For Terming Coronavirus ‘Conspiracy’
The British government has suspended the practice license of a Pakistani doctor who falsely claimed that the fatal coronavirus was just a conspiracy to 'control the world'.

Private Channel ARY’s correspondent in United Kingdom (UK), Farid Qureshi, posted a series of tweets regarding the matter. He said that UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) – a body that maintains the official register of medical practitioners in UK – suspended the practice license of Dr Iqbal Adil for a year because he propagated fake news regarding the pandemic. “Coronavirus is just a conspiracy to control the world. The vaccine being developed is not the cure for the virus, in fact it a tool to control the humankind,” the doctor had said during interviews to various news outlets.

The journalist quoted the doctor as saying to him that GMC suspended his license due to his views about the deadly virus. “It has nothing to do with my medical services. I have been working for NHS for more than 30 years. I have been made a political victim for expressing my views that were based on my personal observations and experience.”

The doctor further said that his only ‘crime’ was to speak against the narrative of the UK’s health authorities and the country's mainstream media. “Currently I am seeking advice from lawyers to challenge the decision of GMC legally,” he added.

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