Pakistani Twitter Responds To Fatima Sohail`s Claims Regarding Mohsin Abbas Haider

Pakistani Twitter Responds To Fatima Sohail`s Claims Regarding Mohsin Abbas Haider
On July 22, Mohsin Abbas Haider addressed a press conference rejecting his wife`s claims to adultery and physical abuse. Despite the hour-long press conference, many in Pakistan are still not convinced to exonerate Mohsin from his wife`s accusations.

The post in question was on facebook when Fatima Sohail posted pictures of the alleged abuse. It is pertained to mention here that Haider`s wife rejected his claims where he had mentioned that the bruises in question were from the time when Sohail fell from stairs.

"On 26th Nov 2018, I caught my husband cheating. When I confronted him, instead of being embarrassed he started Beating me. I was pregnant at that time! He pulled me from hair, dragged me on floor, kicked me several times, punched me on face & threw me on the wall. I was brutally beaten by my husband. My caretaker!........."

Twitter Responds

Many responded with the fact that whenever a woman comes up with claims of abuse, the inherent patriarchial culture favors the men, such was the case with recent bloggers and actor Ali Zafar as well.

While many propagated for Fatima`s cause, there were some voices on twitter which termed the whole episode as a 'cheap publicity stunt' by Fatima which in turn reflects the derogatory mindset towards women, the fact that benefit of the doubt goes to the men.

There were many from the showbiz industry, some of them even posted eye witness accounts of the alleged abuse.

Actor Gohar Rasheed took to twitter explaining his account of the said abuse.

Rasheed concluding his twitter thread with the following:

I wanted to say that men like these are a threat to the society I don’t see him just as a spineless, pathetic sick human being, I see him as a danger. She needs justice and he needs HELP. #justiceforfatima

In another Actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi reiterated Rasheed`s stance.






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