PM Accepted Malaysia Summit Invitation Despite Foreign Office's Warning

The Foreign Office (FO) had warned Prime Minister Imran Khan to not accept Malaysian PM Mahatir Mohammad’s invitation to the Kuala Lumpur summit, considering its implications.

The FO said that they had warned the PM against attending over possible implications that could arise from the Saudi Arabian front. The PM ignored their advice and accepted anyway thus leading to the embarrassment they had to face at the last minute when he backed out.

They also said PM Office tends to ignore the advice given by them in cases like these.

The FO also said that the PM had known about the possible Saudi backlash and still chose to go.

They also said that this is not new with the government. They had done something similar in October as well when the Foreign Minister shah Mehmood Qureshi choose to meet the Taliban delegation in Islamabad even when advised against it.

They said that these acts hurt the image of Pakistan and that their advice should be taken into consideration in moments like these.


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