PM Imran Bars Ministers From Issuing ‘Inappropriate’ Statements

PM Imran Bars Ministers From Issuing ‘Inappropriate’ Statements
Prime Minister Imran Khan has barred his cabinet members from issuing 'unnecessary statements', saying a minister is not allowed to express 'personal opinions' in public.

During the meeting of the federal cabinet, PM Imran Khan took a notice of statements issued by the ministers on multiple issues. He warned the ministers not to express an opinion in public and stopped them from delivering statements on 'sensitive religious issues'.

Geo News said that the prime minister made these remarks in response to a complaint made by Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar over the statements made by Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari. Umar stated that Mazari often issues 'unnecessary statements'.

"We have reservations over some statements of yours. You speak the most," Umar called out Mazari.

At this, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed said that Mazari at times 'imposes herself on others'. The PM said that ministers are not entitled to personal opinions because their statements reflect the government's stance on various issues.

On Sept 17, Mazari issued a statement in response to private member bill moved by a PTI lawmaker, seeking to criminalise the criticism of the armed forces. Mazari referring to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill said the government had nothing to do with the bill as it was moved by a private member.

The amendment proposed anyone who was found engaged in intentionally ridiculing and defaming the Armed Forces of Pakistan or any of its members be punished.

In a recent tweet, Mazari posted “Reporters covering parliament really need to know the difference between private member bills and govt bills so wrong headlines are not given in newspapers.” She added: "Amjad Ali Khan’s bill to amend the PPC is a private member bill – let me categorically state this."

Legislation against sex offenders

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed his cabinet to expedite the legislative process of a draft bill pertaining to the sexual violence in Pakistan. The premier directed to immediately bring the draft bill in the concerned cabinet committee.

The premier also expressed displeasure over the construction of a jail on the land for the Green Area in Islamabad. According to the PM, the federal government has placed the protection of green areas on top priority as the country was already suffering the negative impacts of climate change.

He ordered the Capital Development Authority to hold an inquiry into the construction of the jail and submit a report to the cabinet. Furthermore, the PM instructed the attorney general to inform the Supreme Court regarding the government's decision in this regard.