Warrants Issued For Actor Ayesha Sana Over Cheque Fraud

Warrants Issued For Actor Ayesha Sana Over Cheque Fraud
A local court in Lahore on Monday issued arrest warrants for actor and host Ayesha Sana two weeks after she was booked for defrauding a citizen.

According to the in-charge investigation Defence B police station, the warrants were issued after the absence of the accused in the investigation.

A case was registered against the actor for issuing a fake bank cheque late last month. The complaint was filed in Defence B police on May 27 by a businessman identified as Muhammad Ali Mueen on the charges of fraud. Reports indicate that she had given bogus cheques to multiple people and then went into hiding. At first, the police didn't take any action against the actor, neither any request for a bail was filed by her.

According to the Mueen, the actor had given him a cheque of Rs 20 million in lieu of money that she owed him. However, he could not withdraw the amount as there was no money in the account.

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