Twitterati Bash Hamza Ali Abbasi For ‘Cringeworthy’ Proposal To Future Wife

Twitterati Bash Hamza Ali Abbasi For ‘Cringeworthy’ Proposal To Future Wife
Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi who is known for his controversial social media posts is in the news again with his very public proposal to his wife-to-be. In an extensive post on social media, the actor described his intention to marry and gave a rather cringe-worthy rationale behind his decision to marry.

Hamza begins his post with the idea of realising your accountability to God, and simultaneously understanding how what usually pleases one also happens to be a displeasure for your lord. Till this point, his post was making complete sense. It was after this that people were left scratching their heads.

He continues with how when you beg Allah for help, he opens your heart to things that were previously unthinkable. For him, this ‘unthinkable’ thing is marriage. He said that people marry for various reasons, loneliness and love being among them, but asserts that the sole reason for marriage should be to please Allah.

It is for this reason that he went to his ‘platonic friend’ and confided in her that he does not believe in the ‘girlfriend/boyfriend nonsense’ nor is he in love with her (!), but only wants to marry her to walk a path that pleases Allah. He ends his post with advice for people whose intention is to please Allah and want to ‘fix their Akhlaq’. The crux of his ‘heartfelt’ post was that he never believed in relationships and marriage and is only asking his friend to marry him for the sole purpose of please Allah.

Not surprisingly, the post, like many of his other social media posts, has had its fair share of bashing. People have criticised his post for being cringeworthy, sociopathic, attention-seeking, confusing, and of course, needlessly long.

Common among these posts was the criticism about how the actor hates the idea of love and marriage and is yet justifying his actions by invoking religion. People couldn’t help but notice that even while introducing his wife-to-be, he ended up making it all about himself and his piousness.

One user opined how his post was scary as it seemed to be penned by a sociopath,

Another one was critical of the length of the post, terming it an essay, while another called it a thesis.

Considering Hamza Ali Abbasi’s admiration for Hafiz Saeed, a twitter user gave an interesting proposal.

Another one was of the view that Hamza seems more passionate about Hafiz Saeed than his future wife.


Stand-up comedian Shehzad Ghias Shaikh was critical of the actor’s holier-than-thou attitude.


Others bashed his post for their failure to understand what Hamza was actually trying to say.



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