Sindhi Folk Singer Jalal, Band Members Kidnapped By Dacoits

Sindhi Folk Singer Jalal, Band Members Kidnapped By Dacoits
KARACHI: The family of kidnapped Sindhi folk singer Nabi Bux Chandio, popularly known as Jigar Jalal, has informed police that the gang of dacoits holding the singer hostage has asked them to tell the police not to pursue them.

According to the family members of the singer, the kidnappers told them that the abducted persons would be released, including the singer, if the police retreated from the area.

Chandio recently stepped into the limelight for singing his version of Koko Korina, Lathay Di Chadar and Sammi Meri Waar through the platform of ‘Goth Studio’. The singer and his team were captured by dacoits in the Katcha area on Sunday.

The abducted singer also called Sindhi news channel KTN and informed them that he and his band were safe and sound. He said that, “The police and the army cannot reach the area where they were being kept captive,” while adding that the Sindh police should not arrest innocent people.

He also narrated the story of his kidnapping in detail by saying that he was kidnapped on his way to a wedding ceremony where he was invited to entertain the guests. He said that the kidnapping happened before they could reach their destination.

On the other hand, police said that the singer and his band were invited by the dacoits to entertain them and were also asked to bring female dancers along them, failing which he was made captive by the dacoits. But Jalal denied the police version and said that he was never invited by the dacoits to perform for them.

Meanwhile, Shikarpur Assistant Superintendent of Police Farooq Amjad Buttar said that Jalal’s family had approached the police for help, while adding, “We hope to recover the singer safely in the next 24 hours.” He also admitted that the Katcha area was very dangerous and they had to take all precautions before recovering the abducted persons.

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