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Not All Jews Are Zionists: Anti-Semitism Hurts The Palestinian Cause Instead Of Helping It

As people lend support to the Palestinian cause through protests and social media campaigns, Israeli authorities continue to justify the violence. In an absurd series of tweets posted on Monday, the state of Israel’s official account used several emojis of rockets.

Earlier, the account targeted American model Gigi Hadid for extending support to Palestine. Many social media users think the tweets from Israel are being posted out of desperation because the global outrage is making a difference and the country is under pressure.

However, some anti-Semitic comments targeting the entire Jewish race are also being posted despite pro-Palestinian progressive activists in various countries distancing themselves from this hatred.

Adeel Raja, a Pakistani journalist affiliated with CNN as freelance columnist, was recently fired by the news outlet after he posted a tweet condoning Adolf Hitler’s atrocities against the Jewish people.

Those posting such comments often also make use of verses from Quran which they either misinterpret or take out of context — in a bid to justify Holocaust or blind hatred against Jews. This is because the difference between Judaism and Zionism is not widely understood.

Zionism ≠ Judaism

Zionism cannot be equated with Judaism because the former is a political ideology as opposed to a religious belief. Many Jewish activists who are critical of the occupation forces and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people continue to emphasise this difference. Not all Jews are Zionists. Palestinian Jews also fall victim to Israel’s violence.

Moreover, the Jewish community as a whole is divided when it comes to its position on Israel. Many of them demand an end to Israel’s occupation and condemn the violence against Palestinians. Some also seek an end to Israel as a state altogether.

Therefore, it is important to identify these differences between Zionists and all Jewish people so anti-Semitic sentiments can be discouraged, as they end up harming the Palestinian cause instead of helping it . Just as Taliban and ISIS terrorists do not speak for all Muslims, Israeli occupation forces do not represent the entire Jewish community.


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