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Govt To Table TLP Demands Before Parliament, Announces PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the matter pertaining to Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) demands to expel the French ambassador from Pakistan, severe ties with France and boycott all French products in the wake of the blasphemous French caricatures will be taken to Parliament before April — the new deadline set by the TLP, and a decision would be made.

He made this statement during an interview with a TV channel after the government had held negotiations with TLP in which it had been agreed upon to postpone their sit in and allow the federal government more time to implement their demands.

“We will do it. However, I want to tell the TLP people that no other government has done as much as this government to check this menace. We are not doing it for the TLP but because it is part of our faith. This (blasphemy) is a planned conspiracy, which keeps repeating itself in the West and disturbs peace. I was the one who wrote to the OIC, to the United Nations and heads of Islamic states to take up the issue. Only I and (Turkish President Recep Tayyip) Erdogan took up the matter on the world forums. Unless 20 to 25 heads of Muslim countries take up and pursue it seriously, international impact required to do the job may not be created,” said the prime minister.

The premier reminded TLP that he has done the most to highlight blasphemy against Muslims internationally because of his ‘strong faith’.

Dawn News reported that the new agreement that has given the government the extension to implement TLP’s demands by April 20th read: “Negotiations have been going on between the Government of Pakistan and TLP on this problem for a month during which the government has reaffirmed its resolve. Terms of the [previous] agreement will be presented in parliament by April 20, 2021, and decisions will be taken with the approval of the parliament.”


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