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    Christian Men Accused Of Blasphemy For Reciting Bible In Lahore

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    Two Christian men identified as Haroon Masih and Salamat Masih were accused of blasphemy by a mob of Muslim men in Lahore for reciting the Holy Bible in a public place.

    Activist Marvi Sirmed tweeted about the incident and called on the authorities to look into the matter.

    Both men were reportedly sitting in a corner of a park in Model Town, Lahore and reciting the bible. A Muslim man overheard them and told them to stop the recitation, saying that they were committing blasphemy by preaching their religion. When they denied the blasphemy charges, he got aggressive and began to shout.

    The man’s shouting grabbed the attention of other people present nearby and they surrounded the Christen men. Police were called after which one of the men was arrested, while the other one managed to escape.

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