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Azerbaijan Sees Rise In Demand For Pakistani Flags: Ambassador

Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Pakistan took to social media to share that demand for Pakistani flags is rising in his country. This is due to Pakistan being among the countries which have openly sided with Azerbaijan in its war with Armenia over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Mr. Ali Alizada spoke of the affection that people in Azerbaijan feel for the people of Pakistan and Turkey in particular:

As fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia continues, images of Azerbaijanis carrying flags of various countries popularly seen as supporting Baku have been circulating on social media. Flags of Turkey, Pakistan and Israel have been particularly prominent.



  1. I credible land October 21, 2020

    Flags of Israel are popular because they supply arms to Azerbaijan. Turkey supports Azerbaijan because it hates Armenians whom Turkey massacred by lakhs.
    As for Pakistan, it has always been a hanger on, first for Saudis and now for Turkish autocrat who is bent upon taking Turkey back to vengeful thinking base level of religion. As an American I say Save Pakistan and relieve it from fundamentalism.

  2. Abdul Salam January 17, 2021

    O Jahil, Pak was the 2nd country who had recognised Azerbaijan in 1990 and Azeri people didn’t forget that.


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