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‘Will Sacrifice My Life For Pakistan,’ Sehar Kamran Responds To ‘Strong Army’ Memes

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and former Senator Sehar Kamran has responded to the viral clips doing the rounds on social media where some schoolchildren are seen telling what they would do for their country at an Independence Day event. The clips had gone viral on TikTok among international audience as well. Sehar Kamran is seen encouraging the children in the clips and adding clarity to their statements — all in the spirit of patriotism.
Talking to Naya Daur, Sehar said that the clips are from Pakistan International School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia of which she was the principal ten years ago.

“Everyone has the right to express their affection for the country and this is what my students at Pakistan International School Jeddah and I were doing in the video clip,” she said.

One particular clip in which a child says that he would get into army and ‘destroy India’ has turned into memes and Sehar’s reaction to the student’s comment, “Strong army, wow!” has also taken the internet by storm. But others have criticised that the children should not be taught to hate and ‘destroy’ neighbouring countries.

‘Trolling over patriotism unfair’

Sehar says she has been trolled online for the video clips with people making fun of the children. “The trolling not only hurt me personally, but sentiments of the students who are living thousands miles away from the country must have also hurt ,” she told Naya Daur, adding that we should appreciate the children’s love for Pakistan instead of mocking them.

She said that when one interacts with a child, one tries to act at their level to make them comfortable and this is what she was doing to motivate the students.

The Ex-Senator said in Pakistan we have lots of opportunities to express our love with the country, but our children abroad are rare and that the event was an effort on her part being Head of the school to provide them a platform where they can express their love for the country, she said.

She said we should be proud of these children who despite living thousands of miles away are still motivated to dedicate their services to the country. This is unfortunate that we started trolling for their sentiments instead of appreciating them.

“I love my country, my green passport and expressing my affection and love for it and I will continue expressing it no matter how people take it, she said. Sehar added that she was ready to sacrifice her life for the country if need be.

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