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Tania Kazi And Mehreen Jabbar Re-Unite. This Time For A Web-Series

One of the many qualities of Pakistani director Mehreen Jabbar is that she brings fresh faces to the screen and makes them perform in a flawless manner. One such face has been Tania Kazi. Essentially a yoga instructor based in the US, Tania Kazi has been performing in an incredibly amazing and realistic manner in Jabbar’s directorial works since 2006, when “New York” stories went on air on HUM TV. While Kazi played a somewhat negative character in the series’ episode called “Blind Spots”, she came forward as a considerate and honest friend in “Malaal”, a blockbuster serial directed by Mehreen Jabbar from the year 2009, which boasted of a stellar cast including Imran Abbas, Faisal Rehman, Sarwat Gilani and Deepti Gupta.

Around 2012, Mehreen Jabbar and Tania Kazi teamed up once again for ARY Digital’s “Neeyat”, which marked Mahira Khan’s entry into the Pakistani drama industry and starred top-notch performers such as Ahsan Khan and Humayun Saeed as well. In “Neeyat”, Tania Kazi played the character of a psychiatrist who is given the job to treat Ahsan Khan, who goes to the extent of hurting himself in pursuit of unrequited love.

However, to the misfortune of Pakistani audiences who would enjoy this wonderful duo of an intelligent director like Mehreen Jabbar and a charming and natural performer like Tania Kazi, the two didn’t come together again for any project for about eight years. It is now in 2020 that they are collaborating once again, and this time for a web-series.

The director took to Instagram to post a picture of hers along-with her new project’s cast and crew, Tania Kazi being one of them. While the project remains unnamed yet, the only information that has been provided up till now has been that it’s going to be a short web-series, probably a psychological thriller shot in New York. This too, is definitely going to be a treat for Jabbar’s fans, for the best of the director’s works have been those shot in New York.

With a web-series and that too being shot outside Pakistan, we hope that the director will be giving us something unique to feed on, the way it used to be before Pakistan dramas started following formula stories shot in congested settings.

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