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9-Year Old Pakistani Girl Sets World Record In Chemistry After Beating Indian Professor

A nine-year-old Pakistani girl became the fastest and youngest in the world to arrange the chemical elements of the periodic table in the shortest time. She broke the record of an Indian professor.

Natalia Najam is a science enthusiast from Lahore. Gulf News reported that the student managed to achieve the Guinness World Records title after she arranged all elements of the periodic table in just two minutes and 42 seconds. The previous record was broken by 7 seconds.

The young achiever shouted with joy when she found out that she had broken the record. The judges of the competition gave the winner a thumbs up.

Natalia expressed the hope that her success will serve as a source of inspiration for children across the world to study Science and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

According to local media, Natalia’s father Hasan Najam says that his daughter has not received formal schooling and that she was home-schooled. The young science enthusiast’s achievement at such a young age has earned her praise from social media users who have termed the development a breath of fresh air and ‘positive’ for Pakistan.

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  1. Mohammad Baig August 3, 2020

    Great achievement for the great kids.

  2. Faiza Irfan August 4, 2020

    Oh wow!! Super proud of you kiddo!! Keep up the good work! Congratulations to you!!


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