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Journalist Ali Salman Alvi Arrested On Charges Of Murdering Wife

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Journalist Ali Salman Alvi was arrested on Wednesday after a First Information Report (FIR) was registered against him, charging him for his wife’s murder.

According to the FIR, “the deceased was found with marks on her hand and face,” along-with the one on her neck, which became the cause of the death. It also stated that the investigation in the case is ongoing, but from the account of the victim’s sister, it appears to be a case of murder.

The report narrates the account of Syeda Mehwish Zehra, the deceased’s sister, that she found her sister’s body hanging from the ceiling fan at the scene of the death.

According to her, she was called by Ali Salman Alvi to his house, asking her to come immediately as “Sadaf had done something to herself.” She said that Alvi had used her sister’s mobile phone to call her.

Mehwish stated that Alvi used to abuse her sister, adding he also resorted several times to beating her. “We had told him to abstain from this, but he would continue to torture her.” She added that on the basis of this context, she is “absolutely sure that he [Alvi] was behind my sister’s murder.” She asked police to deal with the matter in accordance with the law.

The following is a copy of the FIR of the incident registered with Rawalpindi police.


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