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FC College Terminates Pervez Hoodbhoy Citing ‘Overstaffing’

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Forman Christian (FC) College, Lahore has refused to renew nuclear physicist Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy’s contract citing ‘over-staffing’. Reports of his termination have been circulating on social media, but Hoodbhoy told Naya Daur that he will teach a semester at the college before tendering his resignation. His contract for the ongoing month was not renewed and the administration told him that they have to let him go.

Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy has always been a critic of government policies and is well-liked and respected in liberal circles.

It should be noted that Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy is a Pakistani nuclear physicist and essayist. Hoodbhoy graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in electrical engineering and mathematics, followed by a master’s degree in solid-state physics and then a Ph.D. in nuclear physics.

He has also worked as a visiting faculty at various universities, including MIT, the University of Maryland, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Hoodbhoy is also the sponsor of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and a key member of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Terrorism of the World Federation of Scientists. Hoodbhoy also won various awards for his performance at different times, such as the IEEE Baker Award for Electronics in 1968 and the Abdul Salam Award in Mathematics in 1984.

He was also awarded the UNESCO Kalinga Prize in 2003 for his efforts to raise scientific awareness among the people.

He was awarded the Joseph A. Burton Award in 2010 by the American Physical Society and the Jean Meyer Award from Tufts University. In 2011, Foreign Policy Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential Global Thinkers in the World. In 2013, Pervez Hoodbhoy was elected a very important member of the UN Secretary General’s Advisory.

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy is the author of “Islam and Science: The War of Religious Orthodoxism and Rationalism” and the book is now available in eight languages. Apart from this, two other series were also aired on TV which are related to introducing scientific theories to the general public.

Hoodbhoy is the head of Mashal Books, Lahore and the organisation has translated many important scientific and non-scientific books into Urdu in which the topics of modernism, human rights, and the role of women in society are more prominent.



  1. Khan June 16, 2020

    This “article” reads like a glorified resume..when in fact Hoodbhoy hasn’t authored or contributed to a single scientific paper in decades. He has had a lackluster career as a physicist so he chose to seek relevance among the Pakistani left aka atheists with his blatant Islamophobia and by peddling fake news. He also makes factually incorrect claims very often. His presence in “anti-terrorism” racket further erodes any credibility he may have had. This is a common trajectory for burnt out and recycled Marxists, like Tarek Fatah. Good riddance to bad rubbish. his role in science is no less than Meera’s rile in acting. Both has contributed nothing but has always managed to be in news through things outside their profession. This shair befits them both;
    ہم طالب شہرت ہیں ہمیں ننگ سے کیا کام
    بدنام اگر ہونگے تو کیا نام نہ ہو گا؟

    Enjoy the following English article of how Hoodbhoy fails at science :


  2. Sajid aurangabadi June 17, 2020

    #Khan, what is your contribution? Pervej Bhai is hated by fundamentalists and loved by humanists. He has silent majority behind him.if you know any of the memberships and degrees fake, write about that than blabbering gibberish

  3. Ahmed June 17, 2020


    Pervez bhai has done nothing in anything. Khan is not going around in public pretending to be a person of wisdom. So why should we judge him.

    Pervez has very little understanding of the things he speaks of. That is the reason he compares science and religion in the way he does. Which is complete ignorance.

  4. Abdul June 17, 2020

    Is mulk ney ek dafa phir apne peeron pe kulhari mari. Why Pakistan loses its best?

  5. Khan June 17, 2020

    @”Sajid Aurangabadi”

    Your command of the English language is as poor as your childish and frustrated comment. Pervez has contributed nothing. He was a violent young Marxist who is now a bitter old atheist who hasn’t gotten over the collapse of the Soviet Union. You can’t give the benefit of the doubt to someone who has a history of misrepresentation and outright lies against Islam and Muslims. He’s a discredited charlatan whose support is only found amongst islamophobes and “humanists” aka atheists, a tiny corrupt minority aka liberals of Pakistani society. Whats my contribution you ask? For one, I’m a graduate of an Ivy league school, and teach medicine and hold a few patents, and have multiple citations in medical research literature, but most of all I’m a practicing Muslim knowledgeable about Islam and all the empty false ideologies jesters like Hoodbhoy have wasted their lives on. Show me a single peer reviewed scientific paper he has written or contributed to in recent times. You can’t because its simply not there.
    Hoodbhoy’s “knowledge” of religion is downright embarrassing, he’s a third rate polemical secularist using his lapsed scientific credentials to make a name for himself pandering to western secularists and “anti-terror” shills as some sort of enlightened individual when it fact he’s a glorified jahil. I suspect you’re a Hindu RSS troll using a Muslim name, otherwise you wouldn’t have spelled Pervez “Pervej.” That’s your “contribution.”

  6. Khan June 18, 2020


    Kon Peer? If you consider Hoodbhoy as being amongst Pakistan’s best….you’re seriously deluded and devoid of critical thinking.

  7. Waseem June 22, 2020

    We don’t need science. We only need soldiers and gifted weapons. Don’t worry about the people they are habitual of eating grass.


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