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Singer Zoheb Hassan Was Meant To Be On The Ill-Fated PIA Flight

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Singer Zoheb Hassan has shared in a Facebook post that he was about to board the Pakistan International Airline Flight PK 8303 that ended up in debris after an unfortunate crash landing on Friday.

92 casualties have been reported on a flight that carried 108 people.

Zoheb said that he was supposed to be on that Lahore to Karachi flight, as planned, but he miraculously returned to Karachi two days earlier.

In his Facebook post that was captioned as: “MY INCREDIBLE JOURNEY TO FULFILL THE WISHES OF MY DYING FATHER IN THE HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN,” he said that his father who passed away on May 15, had asked him to take care of his ailing mother after him.

“The only flight available was 300 miles from London in Manchester. With great difficulty I managed to get on to a ‘repatriation’ flight which was mainly carrying coronavirus affectees and dead bodies,” he shared.

“Upon reaching Lahore I was quarantined with 300 other passengers in a hotel. Nine of the crew and several other passengers contracted COVID-19 on the flight.”

He also said that he was supposed to make it to Karachi before May 21, to be able to attend his father’s funeral. He got tested for the coronavirus and thankfully his results came out negative, because of which, he was allowed to leave earlier.

“God helped me here. My result was negative and was allowed to leave early,” he said.

He further thanked his father for his prayers and said that it’s all because of God’s mercy that this panned out the way it did.


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  1. Rashid Latif May 24, 2020

    Dear Zoheb,

    I was deeply shocked to learn of your father’s demise through this news item. Since I am settled in Canada for the last 20 years, I have lost touch with Pakistan other than occasional news items like this one. I have no idea of your postal or email address, so I hope that you get my message of heartfelt condolence through this media outlet. Kindly also convey it to your mother. Basir Saheb was a thorough gentleman. He never raised his voice leave alone using any foul language. He was such a soft spoken and highly sophisticated person that despite having not met him for more than two decades, he has left an indelible mark on me. May you, your mother and other members of your family have the courage to bear this irreparable loss. (Rashid Latif, former CEO, EMI Pak and Shalimar Recording Co.)


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