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PIA Plane Crash: Cockpit Voice Recorder Still Not Found

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The voice recorder of the ill-fated PIA airplane that crashed on Friday, May 22, has not been recovered by the teams carrying out the investigation.

The flight data recorder, which is also an important part of the aircraft’s black box has been found, the PIA spokesperson said. 

There have been speculations that the voice recorder might have fallen into a house upon explosion and the investigators are busy trying to locate it.

They have also requested the citizens of the area to collect any debris that flew over in the neighbouring areas after the crash and submit it to the relevant authorities. 

The initial scan of the crash was completed a day ago on the site of the incident. The investigation team took inspection rounds of the runway of the Jinnah International Airport, control tower and radar control situation.

The Airbus experts are set to take the aircraft’s black box with them. It contains all the flight data, cockpit recorder, and voice recorder which aims at aiding the investigation process.

The bodies of the deceased people are still undergoing the identification process through DNA and forensics tests and only two people were able to survive the crash.


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