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Man Who Lost Wife, Children In PIA Plane Crash Says Bodies Of 2 Children Missing

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A man who lost his wife and three children in the PIA plane crash has released a video in which he makes a desperate appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan to help him find the remains of his two children. He said that he managed to identify his wife and two children, but the bodies of his other two children are missing. He also said that the process of DNA identification being employed by PIA is flawed and the airline has done little to provide relief to the bereaved families.

The ill-fated flight PK8303, an Airbus A320 was carrying 91 passengers and eight crew members from Lahore to Karachi, two days before Eid.

Arif Ali Faruqi says in the video released on Express Tribune, that he identified his wife through her jewellery and one of his daughters through a band that she was wearing and buried them. But he hasn’t been able to find his son and younger daughter, who also lost their lives in the plane crash.

He says that there is no relief being offered to the bereaved families, except for a free flight from Lahore to Karachi and back and a hotel stay. “The DNA samples that have been taken are completely erroneous if I had not identified my daughter and wife, they might have given me the wrong bodies,” he said.

He requests the PM to step in, saying that it has been four days since the incident and there have been no updates, “IK has not been seen even once taking notice”.

He said there are two teams working on the DNA and forensics. One is from Sindh and one has come from Punjab because ‘they do not trust the one from Sindh’.


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