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Minister Ali Muhammad Khan Says Blasphemers Should Be Beheaded

A section of Pakistani Twitter was once again actively spreading hate against the Ahmaddiya community, on Wednesday, following the news of their community’s representation in the Minorities Rights Commission. However, the news was subsequently denied by Religious Affairs Minister Noor ul Haq Qadri who said that Ahmadis do not consider themselves non-Muslims which is why they cannot be included in a body comprising minority representatives.

State Minister Ali Muhamamd Khan also said that the community has not accepted themselves to be a minority, but if they do, the government will be inclusive of their opinions. He then proceeded to post a tweet with the extremist slogan that a severed head is the only punishment for blasphemy.

Social media influencer and actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi, also shed some light on the matter by saying that the anti-Ahmaddiya narrative is hateful and does not stand by the teachings of Islam even, ‘We were just here to spread the message of Allah and his messenger, what are we doing here?’ he tweeted.

Referring to the thread, Abbasi also said that Pakistanis have already spread so much hatred against the Ahmaddiya community in the past, and now they’re also calling them ‘traitors’, which will endanger their everyday lives even more.


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