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CM Sindh Worried: 20% Of New Cases Tested Were Positive For Covid-19 In The Past 24 Hours

Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has expressed concern that one-fifth of all tests conducted in the past 24 hours have turned out to be positive for Covid-19. In his video message, the Chief Minister has stated that this is the “highest average in the world” so far.

The figures he provided indicate that 104 cases were positive out of a total of 531 new samples.

In the CM’s view, this suggests a need to make lockdown measures more effective. He pointed out that the ongoing lockdown was being “taken lightly” by some people, helping the spread of the pandemic.

The Sindh CM has now ordered a further tightening of the lockdown in Malir and other areas where numbers of Covid-19 cases are rising. Some 11 Union Councils of the city have since been sealed in an effort to stem the contagion.

In his video message, the CM also noted that social-distancing measures will ahve to continue at homes, workplaces and public places even after the lockdown period ends.


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