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These Powerful Placards From Aurat March Say It All

Amid threats of violence from extremists, women in all major cities of the country took to the streets to mark International Working Women’s Day as part of Aurat March. In Lahore, the march started from Press Club and moved towards Aiwan-e-Iqbal where speeches and performances were held. Aurat March has been in the news for the past two years for the interesting placards the marchers hold to protest against various social evils.

Here are some of our favourite placards from today’s Aurat Marches.


The organisers and supporters of the Aurat March were being criticised over the slogan ‘mera jism meri marzi’ which some quarters deemed ‘obscene’, despite the organisers’ repeated clarifications that it does not challenge any religious or cultural values, but is merely a token of protest against rape culture. But no amount of clarification could change their minds. So here a placard taunts the critics’ stubbornness. “My body, your choice. Happy now?”

“Before teaching me modesty, show me your search history.” Participants and organisers of the march were called ‘vulgar’ and their characters were attacked. This placard challenges men dolling out the certificates of ‘vulgarity’ to first reveal their ‘search history’. According to date released by Google in 2015, Pakistan tops the list of most porn-searching countries. And the same men have the audacity to attack women’s characters.

This powerful placard held by a man lays emphasis on the importance of a woman’s right to take her own decisions as opposed to the male members of her family deciding what is and isn’t good for her. We need more sane men like this gentleman to eradicate the menaces of forced marriages and killing in the name of ‘honour’.

And this is such an apt description of how toxic masculinity and domestic violence is often justified and the victim is told to ‘compromise’ because her situation could be worse. The culture of victim-blaming and negation of the victim’s experience is a serious problem when it comes to gender-based violence.

This is a strong message against child marriages where the placard-holder is urging parents to give their daughters an education before painting their hands with henna (marrying them off).


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  1. Danial Ibrahim March 13, 2020

    Rights of women must be ensured


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