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Economist Atif Mian Suggests 5 Immediate Steps To Handle Coronavirus Pandemic In Pakistan

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Economist Atif Mian has proposed a number of measures for the government of Pakistan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and protect the people and the economy.

In a series of tweets, the renowned economic expert shared his expertise about what all is needed to handle the outbreak in the country. The first step he suggests is national lockdown, “Shut down all non-essential activities and gatherings of all sorts (social or otherwise) to minimize contagion. This is an emergency,” he said. He added that the lockdown will buy the government essential time to build critical capacities and plan ahead.

Second, he suggests building testing capacity ‘on war footing, adding that testing and certainty of safety will allow the country to return to normalcy. The third step he suggests is using military;s help in ensuring the regular flow of essential supply chains including food and medicine.

Fourth, Atif Mian suggests expansion of social protection programs (like Benazir Income Suppport Programme) and giving a national call to get private sectors and NGOs involved in protection of those vulnerable to the spread of the deadly virus.

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Finally, he suggests continuous testing and contact-tracing which according to him will tell the government where and when it can start ‘easing up’ to bring the economy towards normalcy.

“This will be a test of will and competence”, he concludes.


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