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Christian Pakistani Man Deported From UK Living In Hiding In Pakistan Due To Threats

A 42-year-old Christian Asher Samson was deported from United Kingdom (UK) to Pakistan, despite his claims that he had been facing life threats from extremists in his home country.

According to a report published in The Independent, Asher went to UK in 2004, to study theology in order to become a pastor, but later he applied for asylum on the basis that he had received death threats from religious extremists during his visits to Pakistan. Samson’s asylum claim was refused in 2018, and he was detained in UK’s Immigration Removal Centre, afterwards he was forcibly removed to Pakistan, his country of birth.

The media outlet quotes the Christian man as saying, “I feel so unsafe, I don’t leave the house. I can’t work, therefore, I’m a wasted man now.” He said it felt like he was living in a detention camp because he’s locked up all day and night. “I was followed upon my arrival at an airport in Pakistan, after which stones were thrown at my accommodation, that was arranged by my cousin,” he added.

Asher has been living in a small flat in an undisclosed location even a year after his deportation. The deported man said he was forced to move regularly with the help of his cousin because it was dangerous to stay in one place.

The Independent further revealed that Asher’s sister Esther Walker, who lives in Birmingham, has written a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson highlighting the fact that he pledged in his Christmas message to “stand with Christians everywhere, in solidarity” – and calling on him to “urgently review” the safety of Samson’s deportation.


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