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Sikh Youth Murdered In Peshawar Killed By Hitman Hired By Fiance

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Police have solved the case of the Sikh youth who was murdered in Peshawar last Saturday, and have revealed that he was killed by a hitman hired by his fiancé.

Ravinder Singh, was found dead in Peshawar last Saturday. He had traveled to the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to shop for his wedding.

According to a report in Express Tribune, Parvinder had been incorrectly identified and his real name was Ravinder. He hailed from the Shangla district.

The report quoted a senior security official as saying that Ravinder’s murder was a ‘contract killing’, funded by Ravinder’s fiancé, Prem Kumari, who did not want to marry him.

Prem paid the hitman Rs700,000, paying part of the money in advance, while the rest of the amount was to be paid after the murder.

The investigation has revealed that Ravinder was murdered in Mardan and his body was shifted to Peshawar. The hitmen dumped the body, and called the family to demand random. According to security officials, this was done to divert investigation away from the murder.


The investigation was completed in four days, and officials from various investigative and intelligence agencies took part in it.

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