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Punjab Assembly Calls For Filtration System Modelled On Saudi Arabia To Prevent Online Blasphemy


The Punjab Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution calling the federal government to strictly punish blasphemers and set up a screening system to filter online blasphemous content on the model in place in Saudi Arabia.

According to a report in Dawn, the resolution stated that anti-blasphemy laws in the country existed but were not enforced properly.

The resolution said that blasphemous content was available on social media while some book sellers were importing books containing blasphemous material.

The house demanded the establishment of a filtration and screening system to prevent blasphemous content, adding that the system should be modelled on the one present in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the resolution called for laws to stop printing and sale of local or foreign religious books without approval from the Mutahidda Ulema Board and the federal religious affairs ministry.

The resolution also stated that blasphemous material should be confiscated and import disallowed and Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 and Pakistan Penal Code’s Section 295 and 298 should be improved to give punishment to blasphemers.


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