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FIA Detained Me To Silence My Activism, Says Jalila Haider

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    Human rights activist and advocate Jalila Haider, who was detained by FIA at Lahore airport on Monday morning, told Naya Daur that the FIA detained her to silence her voice because they seemed confused as they were clueless about the grounds of her detention.

    When asked if the past record of harassment and abduction of the advocates of civil and constitutional rights by the state had anything to do with her detention, she replied that she became the victim of harassment by state institutions due to her announcement of solidarity with a Baloch missing person’s sister Seema Baloch last year.

    The FIA while detaining her, informed her that they were doing so because she was involved in ‘anti-state activities’. While responding to these allegations, she replied, “I have only been advocating for the right to free trial of forcefully disappeared persons of Balochistan.”

    Jalila Haider was detained for 6 hours by FIA at Lahore airport on Monday, when she was going to UK to attend the conference at University of Sussex.

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