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Celebrities Stand In Solidarity With Sarmad Khoosat Amid ‘Zindagi Tamasha’ Controversy

Following the open letters of Sarmad Khoosat to Prime Minister Imran Khan and all the Pakistanis, celebrities have expressed their solidarity with the filmmaker and asked for the smooth release of his upcoming film Zindagi Tamasha.

After the first open letter addressed to Imran Khan and other people concerned, Samrad Khoosat tweeted on Sunday, “Getting dozens of threatening phone calls and messages. Should I withdraw Zindagi Tamasha?”

Subsequently, several showbiz personalities took to social media to stand with Sarmad and his freedom of artistic expression. They re-posted his open letter to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, to further call out the way art and expression is being threatened in the country.

Humayun Saeed tweeted that the government must address the concerns raised in Sarmad’s letter. “Filmmaking in Pakistan is already a tough challenge – those who dare to venture into it need to be encouraged and appreciated,” he further said.

Mahira Khan took to Twitter to say, “Time and again we are made to realise our power and our influence. A film (that people haven’t seen) can make some this scared.”

Mira Sethi also re-shared Khoosat’s open letter, addressing the ‘unofficial censor board’ and termed the threats ‘disturbing and problematic’. “The official censor board has cleared this film. The unofficial censor board – the one that wields street power – is threatening Sarmad Khoosat and his team,” she added.

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