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10 Problematic Things About ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’

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The Pakistani drama ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ is the most successful hoax South Asian invented after the WaterKit gate. I’m so glad it’s finally over, but here are ten problematic things about the play.

1. It’s written by a man

2. It’s written by a man who decried feminism as a disease ignoring the fact that he, like all other men, has made his existence possible from the loins of a woman.

3. It has dialogues like “Doo takey ki aurat” in it which loosely translates into a slut of a woman, because in this context the takaa comes from forced celibacy.

4. People believe that a ‘gold digger’ or materialistic woman deserves that slur. The drama has convinced everyone that as long as it is deserved, slut-shaming a woman is okay.

5. There is a patient man who is married to the “doo takay ki aurat” played by actor Humayun Saeed, who apparently epitomizes the giving nature of Pakistani men. Sadly, in real life no such man exists in 1000 KM of the sub-continent.

6. Women are sick and tired of love triangles. There are 62 genders, for your information.

7. There is nothing wrong with the “doo takey ki aurat” being materialistic – especially if you a dowry seeking society looking forward to a woman walking into a marriage with something to bargain for her self worth. Things like diamonds and soap bars.

8. This epic dialogue:  “Tum itni khoobsurat ho ke dekh k rashk aata hai, aur tum itni badsurat ho k tmhare mun pe thookne ka dil kerta hai” (You are so beautiful that one envies you and so ugly that one would want to spit on your face) says a lot about the obsession with female beauty via the male gaze.

9. The fact that women like Haseena Moin, Mehreen Jabbar, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy have set a precedent for eliminating gender roles from the Victoria era is ignored. Woman-hating Khalilur Rehman Qamar comes along and writes the Mein Kempf version of misogyny and is celebrated for his plot and dialogue.

10. The author’s gang rape analogy is so crass. That’s not the issue – the problem is that we are so starved of leaders with character in Pakistan that this kind of content trends. That it was one of the most-watched plays in Pakistan’s recent history is quite telling.

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  1. Unknown 899 July 25, 2020

    Woman…first of all you are JEALOUS of the amount of success Khalil-ur-rehman got and trying to fight for a stupid cause and bitching over a serial when we have bigger problems(LIKE YOU) just go and get help!!.

  2. Ahmed July 26, 2020

    1. Nothing wrong with this. Slippery slope.
    2. Many woman who have produced men have been one of the evil humans on the planet. So by default being a woman is nothing special. Atleast in the liberal philosophy.
    3.It means a cheap woman. Slut is something else.
    4. Strawman. Nobody believes this. Those who thought less of the feemale gender have not increased in their hatred. It’s still the same. This drama has done nothing. Provide data if you have.
    5. No data for this. I’m sure your father or husband(if you’re married) are giving.
    6. There are 3 genders. Rest are mental illnesses as some people say in the west.
    7. this doesn’t make sense . Read what you have written.
    8. Not exactly. Male gaze doesn’t work this way. Ask the liberal aunties who don’t have any reason for the male gaze to be wrong.
    9. They have tried. But failed. That’s why. If the reason you say is the illiteracy of the Pakistani people then they are not good content producers as they don’t know their audience.
    10. It is the most watched play because it was entertaining. Nothing more.

    Please go and roam the world. Talk about how molvis didn’t support Pakistan. Or how Zia is responsible for everything bad happening in this world. Moral philosophy is above your paygrade.

  3. Adil October 21, 2021

    I’m sorry but this is genuinely one of the most poorly written, un-structured and otherwise painful reads that I’ve ever experienced. Were you actually paid to write this?


    1) It was written by a woman (see how dismissive and self-defeating to one’s credibility that is?)

    2) It doesn’t make any coherent arguments. There being 62 genders has nothing to do with woman supposedly not wanting love triangles.
    Firstly, they clearly do – if you’re really dumb enough to believe that all the men in Pakistan all got together to watch a romantic drama and there were no women present then you’re delusional enough to qualify for special medication. But more importantly, what the hell does your point about other genders even mean? Are you asking for more gay love-triangles?? Unfortunately, that’s the implication of your point. If you want gay and transgender love-triangles then by all means, film them yourself because no one else seems interested in catering to your random, unhinged wants and desires. If you just want to watch gay porn then there’s no need to write an article about it. Keep it to yourself, lady.

    3) There is absolutely no effort made to proof-read. Seriously, I graduated as a journalist in the UK and if I presented this as-is then I’d have been met with disgust. If English isn’t a language you’ve mastered, it’s wiser to stick with Urdu.

    4) It actually doesn’t highlight any of the perceived issues regarding Pakistani society (though they exist) and does more to highlight the shortcomings of the writer. For example:
    Regarding point number 8 – It says a lot about your own inability to understand metaphors actually.
    Regarding point number 5 – what on Earth are you even blabbing on about then? You’re against idealisation in film/TV altogether? It’s a bad thing if the protagonist is a good man because you don’t believe they exist in real life? Have you ever watched a Marvel movie? This isn’t even an argument so much as the loose thoughts and feelings of a deranged lady who is bitter at her place in society.

    5) Points 3, 4, 5 and 7 are the same point. Did you not feel even an iota of embarrassment at pretending that they were separate arguments? Why post an article following a top-ten structure if you can’t even think of TEN actual points. Truthfully, it says a lot about your naivete in choosing to post this, your lack of self-awareness, your incapability of taking stock of yourself in the most unpressured of scenarios and your overall dullness.

    Do better next time for God’s sake!


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