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Veteran Columnist Cyril Almeida Resigns From Dawn

Cyril Almeida will no longer be continuing his widely read and feisty columns for Dawn. He announced it on Twitter:

This comes soon after a relatively long hiatus from his column in the aftermath of the Dawn Leaks row. Regular readers had been thrilled to see that Almeida had just recently continued his commentary and analysis for Dawn. It was not to last.

Prominent voices in mainstream Pakistani media and social media have expressed sadness about the resignation. Veteran Dawn editors took the lead,, with Zaffar Abbas tweeting out:

Asad Hashim, meanwhile, pointed out that veteran editor Abbas Nasir will replace Cyril Almeida’s column space in Dawn:

While many commentators on social media simply expressed their disappointment on being unable to read Almeida’s columns any more, there have also been those who questioned whether pressure from powerful quarters may have been the reason for his resignation. MNA Mohsin Dawar’s tweet best summed up such concerns:

In an interesting exchange with Najam Sethi, in fact, Almeida himself lent credence to such speculation. Responding to Sethi’s invitation that he move his commentary and columns to weekly The Friday Times, Almeida responded:


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