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Which Nuclear Bomb Claim By Sheikh Rasheed Is Correct?

Sheikh Rasheed is media’s favourite politician, not because he is exceptionally shrewd, but because he always has something ‘newsworthy’ to say. Talking to media recently, Sheikh Rasheed made a startling claim that Pakistan has as small as 125-250-gram atom bombs also.

This is not the first time Sheikh has shocked the world with his jaw-dropping claims regarding Pakistan’s nuclear program. In a 2017 public meeting, Sheikh Rasheed had claimed that he was one of the only THREE PEOPLE who had forced Nawaz Sharif to go ahead with the nuclear tests, the other two being Raja Zafarul Haq and Gohar Ayub

But in another interview with Samaa TV back in 2014, Sheikh Rasheed had said: “I was so afraid before the tests that I left the country- When the news of Pakistan’s atomic tests made it to the international media, I took the next flight back home”

The problem with Pakistanis now is: which version of the ‘Pindi Boy’ should we believe?
Will the real Sheikh Rasheed please stand up?


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