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Boxer Amir Khan Visits LoC To Show Solidarity With Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD: British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan on Tuesday visited the Line of Control (LoC) between Azad Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) as part of a humanitarian visit to support peace.

Khan’s visit to the LoC comes against the backdrop of rising tensions between India and Pakistan after New Delhi stripped Jammu and Kashmir of its special constitutional status.

On the occasion, he said, “People are being tortured and children are being killed in the valley.”

“I watched the atrocities on television in Britain and I could not stay silent on the issue,” he added. He also said that he would raise his voice against the violations committed by the Indian security forces in IoK.

Earlier this week, Khan had made an announcement on Twitter in which he said that he would visit the LoC on the Pakistani side to show solidarity with Kashmiri people.

In a separate tweet, Khan had described the situation in IoK as “terrible”, saying that the ongoing situation led to his decision to visit the LoC to highlight India’s atrocities in the region.

He had also expressed his gratitude towards the Pakistan Army for organising his visit to the country.


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