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Actor Mohsin Abbas’s Wife Wants Investigation Officer Changed

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LAHORE: Fatima Sohail, the wife of actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, has appealed to the Punjab inspector general of police (IGP) to change the investigation officer in her domestic abuse case.

Fatima Sohail had accused her husband Mohsin Abbas of physically abusing her and for having an extra-marital affair.

Talking to the host of a morning show on a private news channel, Fatima Sohail said that Haider had told the biggest lie when he claimed that nothing could be proven against him in the court of law.

She said, “The case has not yet gone to court but a police investigation has taken place in which he was found innocent over the matter of money trail. Nevertheless, he was found guilty of domestic abuse and hurling threats at her.”

Moreover, Fatima Sohail alleged that police was not arresting Mohsin Abbas and was instead providing him relief. “This clear shows that the police is biased in this case. Therefore, I would request Punjab IGP to transfer the investigation to an honest person,” she added.

Mohsin Abbas has been granted an interim bail in the case by a sessions court in Lahore. While speaking to media persons last month, the actor had termed the issue as a “family matter” and hoped that “this battle of truth and lies” would end soon.


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