NAB Obtains Data Of Amir Muqam’s Properties From CDA

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NAB Obtains Data Of Amir Muqam’s Properties From CDA

ISLAMABAD: A special team from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Peshawar on Friday visited the Capital Development Authority (CDA) head office to obtain the record of PML-N Khyber Pakhtunkhwa president Engr Amir Muqam’s properties in Islamabad in the accumulation of wealth beyond his known sources of income case.

Talking to NayaDaur Media on the condition of anonymity, a source in the civic agency said, “A NAB Peshawar special team visited the civic agency head office and obtained initial data of six properties – four residential and two commercial.”

Another CDA official said although initial data had been shared with the NAB team, they were requested to send a written application for further information to the civic agency which would make decision on the matter after consultations.

When contacted, CDA Chairman Aamir Ali Ahmad and spokesman Syed Safdar Shah didn’t comment on the issue.

But a top NAB official in Peshawar said the visit and collection of property data was part of the ongoing investigations against him.

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Abdullah Malik

The author is a reporter based in Islamabad.

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