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Mobile Phones Making Us Dumber

Smartphones are no more a luxury and have become more or less a household product. Over half of 5 billion mobile devices in the world are smartphones and the 5G technology will not only further increase their usage but also encompass nearly all aspects of our life.

But there must be some effects of smartphone use. If there are some, what is their nature? The smartphone manufacturers and app developers need our maximum interest, for which they create products that permanently grab our attention with long usage duration.

Studies show these activate different brain regions. As we are not focused on one task, power of concentration is affected negatively in the long run. Yes! Our brains are designed for multi-tasking but it doesn’t mean they are bombed constantly with new information.

Meanwhile, gone are the days when we used to remember a long list of phone numbers. We don’t need to as our smartphone carries every information. This reliance on these devices makes us to process less information in our brains which has adverse effects on cognitive abilities.

And it is not a surprise that a recent study says heavy smartphone use makes us restless. Why won’t we be when prefer smartphones over a good sleep as a source of unending entertainment


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