Maleeha Lodhi's 6-Point Plan To Tackle Racism And Religious Bigotry

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Maleeha Lodhi’s 6-Point Plan To Tackle Racism And Religious Bigotry

To tackle racism and religious hatred, Pakistan has proposed a six-point plan at the United Nations.
Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi presented this plan at an event in New York.
The plan includes:
• Legislation to address racism and faith-based hatred
• Monitoring social media platforms to prevent hate speech and negative stereotyping
• A strategy to counter Islamophobia
• More research to identify root causes of religious hatred
• Increased engagement of women and youth
• Better investment in education
International community should pay attention to these proposals.

But most importantly government of Pakistan should prepare a strategy and invest resources to eliminate bigotry and discrimination within the country.

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