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If Governments Don’t Invest In Women Sports, They Can’t Complain About Sponsorship Either

Whenever you point out government’s failure in promoting the women sports, the only argument they have is the lack of sponsorship. That’s why women are paid less, they’d say. TV channels don’t telecast their matches because ‘there are no ratings’.

But the 2019 Women’s Football World Cup has shattered all these myths. BBC Sports’ data reveals that viewership rose steadily as English Lionesses registered victory after victory. It clearly means that ratings come with performance and unless the governments invest in the sport, we can’t expect sponsors to offer advertisements either.

The best part of the World Cup was when the chant ‘Equal Pay’ erupted from the crowd as the US team lifted the trophy.

Moral of the story: Invest in women. They’re more capable of bringing you glory than the men are. Can’t you see that already?


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