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Protest Against ‘IMF Imposed’ Federal Budget 2019 Held In Lahore

Lahore: Last Friday, a protest against the Federal Budget 2019 was organised by Haqooq-e-Khalq movement, Progressive Students Collective and the Lahore Left Front at Charing Cross, near the Punjab Assembly.

Students, teachers, activist and scores of people actively participated in the demonstration. They were carrying flags and banners of their organizations; the color red dominated the landscape.

 Members activists and members of the civil society addressed the crowd despite the arrival of a heavy police contingent.

 The protest raged on for over two hours, as the intersection echoed with anti-IMF slogans, associating the governments complacency with cowardice.

A nearby demonstration organized by Pakistan Peoples Party Lahore joined in on the protest as the number of participants continued to swell.

The Haqooq-e-Khalq Movement claimed that they would continue to speak up against the austerity measures imposed by the IMF, emphasizing on the need to reverse the cuts made to the higher education budget.



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