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Post-Balakot, Indian Navy Desperately Searched For Pakistani Submarine

ISLAMABAD: After the now debunked strike in Balakot, Indian forces seemed to lose track of a Pakistani submarine, PNS Saad. Subsequently the Indian navy scrambled to search for the now missing submarine, that could stay beneath water for prolonged periods of time.

Sources within the Indian government claimed, “The location near Karachi, Pakistan, from where the PNS Saad vanished, it could reach the Gujarat coast in three days and the headquarters of the western fleet in Mumbai within five days and was seen as a major threat to the security of the country.”

The Pakistani submarine was eventually located on the western side of Pakistan, but this was after the Indian Navy had sent forces in big numbers in an attempt to locate it, out of fear of an attack.

After it had been located, while discussing the current security situation, an Indian Navy spokesperson stated that ‘the overwhelming superiority of the Indian Navy forced the Pakistan Navy to remain deployed close to the Makran coast and not venture out in the open ocean’.

The search had gone on for around 21 days before it was called off.

According to the Pakistani Navy they had detected and blocked an Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters in March. “The Pakistan navy used its specialized skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters…In line with the government’s policy of maintaining peace, the Indian submarine was not targeted.” Indian officials refused to comment on the alleged intrusion.


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